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Whether you’re planning a birthday party, corporate event, wedding or just want something special while cruising or staying aboard our yachts, let us provide the catering for your next party or event. Our catering services can work within your budget while still giving you that extra special touch. If you have already selected a caterer for your event, we’ll be happy to work with them before and after your event. Lastly, if you want to provide your own food and beverages, we’ll take care of the setup, plates, utensils and cleanup for a small nominal fee. The choice is yours.



Order of Guacamole  (4 pax) $20 USD
Fruit Tray with chamoy  (6 pax) $27 USD

(apple, orange, mango and fruit in season)

Vegetable Tray  (4 pax) $27 USD
  (cucumber, carrot, jicama, celery and Blue Chesse Dip)

Savory dishes

Fine cheeses Tray  (6 pax) $70 USD
(Gouda, goat, Brie and Mozzarella)
Fine cold cuts Tray  (6 pax) $70 USD

(Serrano ham, loin sausage, salami and sausage)

Standard Cheese Tray  (6 pax) $65 USD
(Edame, Panela, Gruyere, double cream cheese)
Standard Meat Tray (6 pax) $65 USD

(Chicken breast, smoked turkey ham, virginia ham, breast natural)

Snack Tray Turkey & Roast Beef  (6 pax) $35 USD
Roll Tray Turkey & Cheese (6 pax) $45 USD
Tray Pastry Tuna and Chicken (6 pax) $45 USD
Mexican  Tray   (6 pax) $35 USD
Quiche Lorraine (10 pax) $45 USD

Sea Cymbals

Source of fish ceviche  (4 pax) $65 USD
Power shrimp ceviche (6 pax) $75 USD
Seafood Tray ———- (price depend on number of pax )
 Order Shrimp Cocktail (4 pax) $70 USD

Children dishes

 Chicken Nuggets  (4 pax) $25 USD
 Mini ham and cheese chapatas (4 pax) $25 USD


Assorted cupcakes Tray (6 pax) $35 USD
Lemon cake (20 pax) $30 USD

Depending on the dishes to choose all are accompanied by bread, crackers or tortilla chips.

All prices are in us dollars