SeaRay 46 “

$200.00 USD per hour


SeaRay 46 “

Dock fee $14 USD per person




SeaRay 46 “

The Sea Ray Express Bridge sets the standard for luxury in the 46-foot class.

Its streamlined interior design and attention to fine details immediately set it apart from its competitors.

Featuring two standard T-292 hp – 218 kW Caterpillar T-VD-CAT3116TA powerplants and a carefully designed hull, the Express Bridge delivers outstanding performance. Sliding flow exhaust with riser-type silencers also makes it quiet. With 400 gallons of fuel, a 100 gallon pressurized water system and all the best operating and safety systems afloat, the owners of this Express Bridge can enjoy a very pleasant cruise on this super advanced sports yacht.

Maximum capacity: 14 passengers plus crew

Overall length: 46 feet
Yield: 20-24 knots

Dock fee $ 14 usd per person